MXA RATING: It is easy to think of the SFH handlebar as a handlebar design, but it is really all about the grips. If your hands suffer from blisters, fatigue, vibration or comfort issues, the Neken SFH bars are for you. They smooth out the rough spots.


I took the plunge and bought the "new" Neken Spring/Air clamp to try on my 17 450 SX-F. As Neken makes the clamps for KTM I only had to buy the top clamp which houses the mechanical spring/air components. Note the clamp I bought is the newly released model with two mechanical springs and a single schrader valve to fine tune/adjust pressure/movement. It's not the "expensive" one that is 100% air that Dungey and several other pros have been using. 

All I can say is WOW, what a difference. Love the clamp. I've been riding MX for 47 years. Currently I’m an intermediate 57 year old vet and have been nursing a VERY sore shoulder for nearly 6 months but riding every weekend so it doesn’t have time to heal. Pain is bad enough that it’s difficult to sleep or even use the arm during the week.

Rode at Reynard’s the past two weeks and pain is GREATLY reduced. I find it hard to imagine the clamp made this much of a difference but I guarantee it’s not my imagination. I’m able to use my arm and sleep. Still sore but SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. The clamp is the only variable in the equation.

I’m sold on it not just for the pain relief for which I bought it but also for the performance improvement. Front end was more “settled” and controllable. Much better “feel”. My riding was definitely improved. Wish I had one of these about ten years ago.

I highly recommend it. Just amazing.